Prices are subject to the variations, car make, car model, model year, different sizes, type, pattern, & discounts. It’s always recommended to call at nearby Salama Centre to check the prices of required Tire.

Salama Tire Centres are located in 9 Different Cities of Saudi Arabia. Here are the name of cities having Salama Tire Centres.

  • Jeddah

  • Riyadh

  • Dammam

  • Jizan

  • Taif

  • Buraidah

  • Kahmis Mushait

  • Madina

  • Tabuk

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      Salama Tire Centres are well equipped with the latest technology equipments offering highest quality services like Tire Fitment, Wheel Balancing, Wheel Alignment, Tire Rotations etc.

      You can call at nearby Salama Tire Centre or contact at whatsapp at +966 594 656332

      This might be possible; we recommend to call at Salama Centre and speak with the Salama Expert to check the availability. Our expert will recommend the best tires according to the need.

      Salama Tire is the official retailor of Dunlop tires in KSA. 

      Binzagr Company, a part of the reputed and long established Binzagr Group, is amongst the largest and leading Distributors in Saudi Arabia and recently completed a unique milestone -over 130 years of continued service.

      Binzagr Co. is the Sole Distributor of Dunlop Tyre in KSA.

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      Dunlop offers variety of tires for cars, subject to the Road, speed, type of driving and more. Please consult with our experts at Salama Tire Centres, they will suggest the best for your Car.

      Dunlop is one of the World’s most reputed Tire Company. Dunlop tires are majority in OEM fitment in KSA and trusted by world leading car makers. Dunlop tires are trusted for durability, riding comfort, reliability and innovation. Since 1881, Dunlop have strived to produce the best tires in the world with offices located across the globe.

      Dunlop Tires are Made in Japan ensuring the quality and durability.

      Please go through this article at our website to get the guidance on reading tire size.


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